Every necklace has gemstones attached with silver wire.

Each is 16" long, adjustable to 18".

Silver plate.

The TC necklace image measures
3/4 of an inch in diameter.

Each necklace has small gemstones attached with silver wire. They move freely on the chain and compliment the colors of the image.
hummingbird woith flowers   tree   bee   orange bird   squirrel
TC4   TC21   TC26   TC38   TC39
tree with flowers   london   paris   italy   brooklyn bridge
TC41   TC53   TC54   TC57   TC60
art deco hummingbird   old squirrel   peony   eye  
TC84   TC89   TC93   TC98   TC101
TC103   TC104   TC105   TC107   TC108
TC110   TC111   TC112   TC113   TC114
TC115   TC118   TC119   TC120   TC121

Our OC necklace is a cute little thing, just half an inch wide and
3/4 of an inch long.

The bezel moves along a delicate silver chain with 3 gemstones wrapped to the chain as well.

corazon   mermaid   dog   cat   raven   skull   LB
OC1   OC4   OC5   OC6   OC8   OC23   OC24
BW eiffel   owl   monkey   red wing black bird   rooster head   swan   cockatoo
OC25   OC28   OC32   OC33   OC34   OC35   OC38
OC40   OC41   OC43   OC47   OC48   OC49   OC51
OC52   OC53   OC55   OC56   OC57   OC58   OC59
OC60   OC61   OC62   OC63   OC64   OC65   OC66
    OC67   OC68   OC69