resin necklaces
Our hand cast resin necklaces are reminiscent of vintage Bakelite jewlery. Each strand is made of Caramia's unique resin beads and faceted gemstones. Each bead and bezel is individually made by hand.

The necklaces measure 16" with a 2" extension chain attached.

Sadly, we have very few of these pieces remaining,
please call us for availability
red wing black bird   bee   tree   hummingbird with flowers
RB8   RB18   RB21   RB24
  deco roses    
RB25   RB29   RB38   RB42
RB44   RB53   RB54   RB55
RB60   RB64   RB65   RB76
RB79   RB88   RB95   RB96
RB97   RB98   RB99    
venice   ship      
B30   B142   B152   B153   B172
B180   B220   B226   B252