Our brooches are made of carved, hand cast resin in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Each is created by hand and are a beautiful way to accessorize. These wonderful pins remind us of vintage Bakelite and add style to any coat, hat or scarf.

We love wearing them!
    orange bird   raven

Black carved resin oval 1 3/4 x 2 inches

  LBP2   LBP5   LBP7
      BW EYES  
LBP30   LBP38   LBP51   LBP54   LBP72
deer at lake   swan   porcupine   monkey  
LBP73   LBP83   LBP84   LBP87   LBP90
  rooster head       ship
LBP91   LBP94   LBP99   LBP141   LBP142
deco girl and dove   harem girl     grey owl  
LBP143   LBP144   LBP147   LBP149   LBP150
LBP151   LBP152   LBP153   LBP169   LBP171
LBP172   LBP176   LBP177   LBP179   LBP180
LBP182   LBP184   LBP187   LBP190   LBP191
LBP201   LBP203   LBP205   LBP206   LBP207
LBP208   LBP209   LBP220   LBP222   LBP225
LBP226   LBP228   LBP236   LBP244   LBP245
LBP246   LBP249   LBP250   LBP251   LBP252
LBP254   LBP255   LBP256   LBP257   LBP259
  PB7   PB9   PB12   PB22
smaller black resin oval
1" x 1.5"
  eiffel tower           BW eyes
  PB30   PB47   PB51   PB57   PB84   PB93
    golden gate bridge   lady liberty      
  PB105   PB106   PB107   PB122   PB128   PB134
  PB135   PB139   PB140   PB141   PB143   PB145
  PB149   PB152   PB153   PB164   PB165   PB166
  PB171   PB172   PB176   PB179   PB184   PB190
  PB191   PB196   PB201   PB203   PB207   PB208
  PB209   PB220   PB227   PB243   PB244   PB249
humingbird   partridge   raven      
FP4   FP5   FP6   FP7    
orange bird   green swallow     peony    
FP8   FP9   FP10   FP12    
FP14   FP86   FP89        

Image is a petite 12mm.
There are only a limited amount of the flower brooches left . . . give us a
call for availibilty.

On sale too!

  red wing black bird     bee   tree
  LBR8   LBR16   LBR18   LBR21
Black resin, about 2 inches across.                
    girl in red   roses   laurel and dove  
  LBR24 LBR25   LBR28   LBR29   LBR38   LBR42
  LBR44 LBR53   LBR54   LBR55   LBR59   LBR60
  LBR61 LBR64   LBR76   LBR79   LBR81   LBR83
  LBR87 LBR88   LBR89   LBR90   LBR91   LBR93
  LBR94 LBR95   LBR96   LBR97   LBR98   LBR99
  LBR100 LBR102