Textured and beautifully carved, our resin bracelets are quickly becoming our favorite pieces. Not only are they perfect to wear with our resin necklaces, they add a torrent of style to the simplest of outfits.

Our resin bracelets are inspired by vintage bakelite and individualy cast from molds of Caramia's design. They have the look, feel, and great "clunk" of bakelite!

raven     swan   eiffel tower
BB7   BB38   BB83   BB90
art deco lady   harem girl    
BB143   BB144   BB149   BB176
CRB -- Black
BB177   BB179   BB182   BB184   BB190   BB191
BB201   BB207   BB208   BB233   BB236   BB245
BB246   BB248   BB249   BB251   BB259    
RC2/12   RC3/15
JB12   JB32